Exhibition from Innerpeffray Library

There is a new exhibition of books from the Library at Innerpeffray on display in the University Library stairwell.

The Library at Innerpeffray, near Crieff, was founded in around 1680 and was the first free public lending library in Scotland. The collection contains books from the 16th century to the present day on a wide variety of subjects, including witchcraft, animals, farming, medicine and European history.

The exhibition features books from two recent exhibitions at Innerpeffray – the Battle of Bannockburn; and Golf and other Scottish Sports. The exhibition was curated by Miriam Eriksson and Joana Krogsrud, who were students on the MSc Environment, Heritage and Policy programme last year.

The University is fortunate to have a partnership with the Library at Innerpeffray, and it is planned that a rolling exhibition of books from Innerpeffray will be on display in the University Library. For more information about the Library at Innerpeffray and how to access it, see http://libguides.stir.ac.uk/content.php?pid=337208&sid=4975624 .


Helen Beardsley

Senior Subject Librarian (Arts and Humanities)

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