Nostalgia by Hironori Katagiri

This week’s #BeConnected Explore Our Campus looks at Nostalgia by Hironori Katagiri. This sculpture is located at the bottom of Pathfoot Drive on campus.

This work is one of 14 works by Hironori Katagiri on campus. “Nostalgia” was made while Katagiri was artist in residence at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Lumsden as part of the Japan 2001 Festival.

The sculpture explores plays with the physicality and character of the natural stone as a vessel to contain and remember human memories and experiences.

One block of red granite rock was split into over 40 pieces, which is irreversible. Katagiri then reformed the pieces back together to form the original block. Visually it looks a smilar shape but it is inextricably altered by this experience- the same way that we are altered by the life experiences that we live through.

Sarah talks (in windy conditions) about Nostalgia by Hironori Katagiri

Artists Hironori Katagiri and Kate Thomson talk about their working practice and how they feel about their artworks being on the University campus.

Nostalgia has also been the inspiration for creative writing pieces undertaken by the Stirling students. The short story The Memory Stone was created by Stirling student Frances Ainslie.

You can also download a copy of our Japanese Sculpture Tour which show the location of Hironori Katagiri’s artworks on campus,

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