Early Leighton Library catalogues now online

The University is fortunate to have access to the books and manuscripts of the Leighton Library in Dunblane. The books are included in Stirling University Library’s online library catalogue. But did you know that other, earlier catalogues of the Leighton collection also exist?

In 1683 or 1684 Archbishop Robert Leighton drew up a list of the books he intended to bequeath to Dunblane Cathedral. After his death, his nephew, Edward Lightmaker, added to the list. The original document is in the National Library of Scotland, but we now have a transcription on our website.

Another catalogue was created in 1691 by Bishop Robert Douglas, once the books were installed in the library building. The original catalogue is a manuscript in the Leighton collection, but we now have a transcription available from our website.

Bishop Douglas also listed pamphlet publications, or “sticht Peeces, viz single sermons, Litle treatisis and other Pamphlets”. We now also have a transcription of this list on our website.

These three catalogues are particularly useful for identifying Robert Leighton’s own books.

Photograph of the interior of the Leighton Library

After the Leighton Library opened in 1688, the collection was augmented substantially. Later catalogues are also available. William Smellie’s 1793 catalogue is available online as a Google Book. The 1843 catalogue is a book in the Leighton Library, while the 1940 catalogue of Cameron Dinwoodie is available in Stirling University Library.

We are grateful to Gordon Willis for transcribing the three early catalogues.

See all the catalogues on our website .

Helen Beardsley

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