Launch of the brig digital archive

New online resource provides historical record of student life at Stirling.

The University of Stirling Archives is delighted to announce the launch of the Brig Digital Archive. This new resource provides a student-focused history of the university as seen through the pages of Brig, the student newspaper. Supported by the Stirling Fund the project worked with a team of student volunteers to digitise and catalogue the first 25 years of the newspaper. The first 125 issues of Brig (which cover the years 1969-1987) have now been published on our new Culture on Campus website. The paper provides a detailed record of student life at Stirling recording and reflecting on news and events (both local and international), culture and sport.

I volunteered with the Brig digital archive project to gain experience ahead of my masters programme in Information Management and Preservation. As a Stirling alumni and former Brig sub-editor this project has been a really engaging and insightful experience for me. I’ve followed historic socio-political events as they’ve unfolded, delighted in past gig listings for iconic bands and learned that the highs and lows of student life never really change!

Rachel Talbot, Brig Digital Archive volunteer

How to access the Brig Digital Archive:

Our new online catalogue provides full access to the Brig Digital Archive. From the collection page you can access a full drop-down list of the 125 issues now available by clicking on the Browse this collection tab.

The individual issues are arranged in chronological order – clicking on an issue will bring you to its catalogue entry where a summary of the contents is provided. Clicking on the image of the cover on the catalogue will take you to the online copy of the newspaper.

Alternatively the Search our collections box can be used to search for particular keywords, people and subjects. The catalogue, produced by University of Stirling students as part of the project, provides summary information for the contents of each newspaper.  

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