New Library Exhibition

Fifty: The University of Stirling in 50 objects

University Library, September 2021 – January 2022

To mark the start of the new academic year at Stirling we are revisiting an exhibition which celebrates the history of the University. In 2017 the University published the book Fifty: the University of Stirling in 50 objects as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations. A photographic exhibition was created to accompany the publication featuring images of the items selected by staff, students and alumni which tell the story of the University.

“So why objects? Why this random selection of things – bits of metal, cloth, scraps of paper, images? Animal, vegetable, mineral, they are all here. Well, objects are important. Sometimes the most insignificant things can be imbued with meaning. Most of us have objects we treasure because of what they mean or who they represent: love and loss; a moment of time in our individual or shared histories; a memory.”

Tom Collins, from the introduction to Fifty: The University of Stirling in 50 objects

Our new exhibition presents a photographic selection of these objects on the library walls. We are also delighted to display some of the university’s memorabilia for the first time in our display cases. These objects include the original submission to the University Grants Committee supporting the establishment of a new university in Stirling and the Ceremonial Mace, presented to the University by Logie Kirk in 1968.

Our 2021-22 exhibition programme begins with a look back at over 50 years of life on campus. In the coming year our collections will take us beyond the university with future library exhibitions featuring Penguin Books, sporting heritage and antiquarian maps.

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